Dog Girl, They Called Me [MoMA PS1]

MoMA PS1 Greater New York Show, 2021-2022.

2 black ink pen line drawings on the wall hanging above a small ceramic sculpture. “London Stands Up on Her Hind Legs”, A drawing of my guide dog, London standing on her hind legs, as if she were walking upright effortlessly like a human. Her front paws and arms hover loosely at her sides, and slightly in front of her body. She is looking away from the viewer, towards the right edge of the page. "London, in My Dreams”, shows London with the body of a woman. She is nude, and is resting her right hand over her chest, and her left hand rests at her side. She stands up straight, her feet planted to the ground, her left foot is slightly shorter than her right foot.
A doll sized white ceramic sculpture of an anthropomorphic dog with a woman’s body. The sculpture is resting on her back (on a shelf?), her hands are closed into fists, and are resting on either side of her hips. She has the head of a dog, with a long snout, and triangular shaped ears hanging down the side of her head, but with human features, such as her almond shaped eyes and long eyelashes, which are carved into the clay in thin lines. There are two small holes that were poked into the clay to create pupils in the center of each eye. On her torso she has four small breasts with nipples, a round belly with a belly button, and thin lines carved into the clay to signify pubic hair. She has long, straight legs with little round bumps to indicate knees, and her toes point up into the air, the back of her heels resting on the shelf.
Hanging to the right of the 2 drawings is a simple line drawing, of two human animal hybrid figures. On the right side of the drawing, is a woman with a dog’s head, and on the left side is a dog’s body with a woman’s head. The two figures gaze affectionately at the other, as their bodies turn slightly inwards to face each other. The woman’s open hand reaches out to hold on to the dog figure’s paw.
Installation view of large white gallery space with a crumbling stone sculpture in the center of the room and Gossiaux's pieces hanging on an adjacent wall.